Learn Exactly How To Direct Message Girls Into Bed (4-Part Proven Formula)

Learn Exactly How To Direct Message Girls Into Bed (4-Part Proven Formula)

Have you ever wondered how some guys are able to slide into a girls DM's and actually get her out? But when you do the same thing... you just get ghosted. Ugh!

Well, the DM Girls Into Bed Formula is designed help you message, interact and date some of the most beautiful women on social media.

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"I got 3 dates last month..."

I've successfully used the formula 3 times so far. Out of DMing 12 girls, 3 got back to me and these girls are STUNNING. I've arranged dates with them and one of them is even a model with over 150k followers. Nuts!-Charlie M

What is DM Girls Into Bed?

It's a 4-step formula that has been tested thousands of times to increase your chances of a girl not only opening your message and replying, but also being willing to go on a date with you.

1. Use The Techniques

We have simple to use techniques that have been proven to get responses from women.

2. Send Messages

Copy and paste our messages that are almost guaranteed to get you a response from girls.

3. Go On Dates

Finally, use our formula to arrange a date and decrease your chances of being flaked on.

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"Haha! It actually worked..."

I'm buzzing right now! I've been following an IG model for a while and always thought to myself how amazing it would be to date her. I came across your course and thought what the hell. 30 minutes in, I used the "Hook and release" technique and she actually replied! Haha! It actually worked, I can't believe it.-Michael Belrose